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Common Filmmakers Have Partnered in Uncommon Places
For Immediate Release
April 17, 2008
Contact : Randy Bassin
Int'l Tel/Fax : 616.825.6247

Huntington, WV - Global Force Productions, an International production company specializing in visual effects and its India-based sister company, iForce Pro Services have partnered with another kind of 'onshore-offshore' production company right here in Huntington, West Virginia, Trifecta Productions, to produce a compelling new approach to 3D animation in a short film production.

With over 500 minutes of high definition film 'in the can', this new short production now entitled, "Another Night at the Office", is currently offshore as Global Force's 3D Artists perform the pain-staking effort of bringing new meaning to some otherwise mundane, inanimate objects in a live action environment. While these production companies are being tight-lipped about the film's contents, they have hinted about a few of its very interesting characters coming to life from a typical office environment including a paranoid desk lamp, an over-zealous "employee of the month" ink pen, and a quite unusual crayon girl with attitude.

Besides some compelling new cinemagraphic techniques used in this film, it is no secret that the film industry is looking down every avenue for more effective cost-cutting measures while producing increasingly creative and innovative features. Randy Bassin, President of Global Force Productions and Executive Producer/Writer of the screenplay tells us about their very effective approach to cost. "We have found a powerful hybrid of talent and production capacity by combining our own 3D Art Team in South India, Music Composers out west, and Trifecta's production team and editing facilities in West Virginia. This hybrid provides Global Force with all of the resources needed for a production of any magnitude, without a Hollywood price tag."

Joe Murphy, Trifecta's Vice President, said, "We provide an unusually cost-competitive production environment in Huntington, West Virginia with over 90,000 square feet of indoor studio and sound-stage environments, and cutting-edge production teams that include the latest in high-definition and editing capabilities. Our facilities offer the film industry the next best thing to going offshore but without all the challenges of travel and culture. We affectionately refer to this opportunity as 'Holler-wood'."

Bassin has told us to keep an eye on many of the 2009 film festivals for this very unique production.

For more information on production opportunities, contact Global Force Productions at (616)-825-6247 or Trifecta Productions at (304)-522-2874.